Want to be healthier, more productive and creative in all that you do?

Looking for inner peace and FREEDOM in life?

Let me help you create a happier,
healthier more sustainable way of existing



the ART and SCIENCE of Living Well

with Emily Reed

Enhance Productivity

Channel Creativity

Discover Inner Peace

Find Freedom

Better health = Better life

Enhanced productivity, creativity, inner peace and freedom are bi-products of supported health and wellness.

When lifestyle and life experiences go against the “biological norm” for an extended period of time –  our ability to be efficient, focus as well as find calm and contentment fades.

“I support you on your voyage to greater health and well being”

I believe we can have modern day life styles AND support our health and well being.

My focus is helping individuals live more “consciously” in order to create a happier, healthier more sustainable life on all levels. I draw on the principles of ancient health and wellbeing philosophies tailored for modern day lifestyles. Using observation and deep intuition I work with you to cultivate a lifestyle plan that meets you where you are in your life right now.

“Nothing radical, extreme or unrealistic in my approach”

I offer support and guide you to make manageable tweaks (where necessary) to diet, daily routine and lifestyle in order to establish greater health, productivity, creativity, inner peace and freedom on all levels.

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What can I expect in a private session?

The Tools

  • Unitive Coach for Personal Lifestyle Development
  • Yoga & Meditation teacher
  • ISHTA Yoga teacher trainer
  • Meditation and breathing practices to promote better sleep, refine focus and strengthen health on all levels
  • Ayurvedic Consultation: Lifestyle, Diet & Well Being plans and guidance
  • Ayurvedic Diet and Cooking – for optimum digestion and gut health
  • Yoga for Relaxation
  • Yoga Nidra – guided relaxations to promote calm, clarity, sleep. This is an excellent way to support you creating new healthier patterns in daily life
  • Mindful Pre & Post Natal practices
  • Retreats – private and group retreats in the UK and internationally

In a nutshell

Emily is passionate about guiding people to be more conscious in their lives in order for them to find better health, productivity, creativity, happiness and most of all … Freedom. The best way to describe her is as a Universal Life Guide. She is a well humoured, inspiring 500hr ERYT Yoga teacher and Yoga teacher trainer; Meditation teacher; Unitive personal development coach; Ayurvedic Health Counsellor and Energy worker. Drawing on deep intuition she supports each client/student cultivate greater clarity, focus and peace in their lives. Her approach is to help people shine a light on their true, full potential; ACCESS it and most of all… LIVE it.

A few words from others about Emily

“I’m not sure where to start really… my cup of gratitude is overflowing. Firstly for guiding me to be more “conscious” and make better decisions that support my overall health and well being and second of all for holding the space for me (and all of us) during this retreat. It has been the most humbling and revealing experience I have ever had. Thank you for your steadfast guidance, thoughtful self inquiry, rituals and wicked sense of humour!”

(Charlotte, London)

“I’ve known Emily since 2012 when I first went to her Yoga and meditation class; from then onwards I was hooked. Her authentic teaching comes from her personal belief, passion to support others in finding their own rhythm for better health and wellbeing on all levels. Her wisdom and knowledge shines through her. I now go to retreats where she holds the space for her groups to heal, recharge and feel whole through offering ancient wisdoms for every day well being and modern day lifestyles”.
(Sue, London)


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