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ISHTA Teacher Training


Alan Finger – inspirational yogi and founder of ISHTA

Alan Finger – inspirational yogi and founder of ISHTA

I found ISHTA at a time when I was searching for something deeper in my yoga studies and teachings. So I signed up for a course of Friday evening ISHTA meditation classes, with Yogiraj Katrina Repka in London. After the first session I was stunned by the shift I felt both physically and mentally. The stillness and clarity I experienced made me want to feel and learn more.

ISHTA has opened up another gateway for me to experience to the power of yoga. Over time I have come to see these practices as the most transformational techniques I have experienced yet.

ISHTA stands for the Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda. Yogiraj Alan Finger of the Parmahamsa Yogananda lineage drew these ancient sciences together to form ISHTA. Alan, a wonderful yogi now in his 70s, grew up with the teachings of Indian Tantric, Ayurvedic, Hatha masters in his own home. Listening to visiting Swamis debate, discuss, philosophise and practice in his home, from the age of 14 Alan absorbed these wise teachings. Together with his father, the late Mani Finger who was initiated by Yogananada, Alan has brought the science and intelligence of the energetic and subtle body of yoga to hundreds of thousands of people in South Africa, USA and Europe.

Translated from Sanskrit, ISHTA can be read as “individualised” or “that which resonates within” (www.ishtayoga.com). Yoga is svadhyaya (“self” “study”) – a life long journey.

It gives me great joy to teach on the ISHTA Teacher Training Programmes in London and more recently in Berlin. The London trainings are 9 months long and  are organised by Katrina Repka. They are co-taught with Senior ISHTA teachers Angie Hsu, Clare Daniell and myself. The next 300hour training will begin in September 2017. It’s structure in a way that supports people with a full time job Monday to Friday. The sessions are ONE FULL weekend (Friday evening to Sunday late afternoon) a month and take place at Evolve Wellness Centre, South Kensington. If you are interested in joining us for the next 300hr adventure please email Katrina Repka (organiser) or myself.

More about the Training 200hr & 300hr trainings:

The ISHTA Teacher Training programs provide a comprehensive foundation for all aspects of yoga: a uniquely modern, individualized, and integrated approach to this ancient science. Through in-depth asana practice, posture labs, practice teaching, anatomy, and lectures on a wide variety of topics, the ISHTA-trained practitioner is rendered fluent in all aspects of yoga. We provide exclusive and copyrighted manuals and are a Yoga Alliance-registered curriculum. Every ISHTA trainee has the opportunity to explore, learn, and teach, as well as enhance and enrich his or her own personal practice.

300hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

300hr Yoga Alliance Approved Foundation Training. Yoga Alliance approved advanced training led by Yogiraj Katrina Repka. This course is for students who have completed the 200-hour, and those who have already been teaching for a year or more (non ISHTA-certified 200-hour teachers are required to do a bridge program of 26 hrs. of 200 hr. lectures as an ISHTA immersion). Topics include advanced asana, sequencing, pranayama, meditation, ISHTA Therapeutics, Yoga Nidra, the mastery of hands-on adjustments, and more. The goal of this course is to pass on the ISHTA yoga lineage, and to ground the trainee in a practice that integrates all aspects of ancient yoga and modern living into a seamless practice of wisdom and joy.

Next 300hr Teacher Training Dates (2017-18)

9 weekends (Friday 5:00 – 10:00 p.m., Saturday 9:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m., and Sunday 9:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.)


September 22, 23, 24

November 3, 4, 5

December 8, 9, 10


January 19, 20, 21

February 23, 24, 25

March 23, 24, 25

April 20, 21, 22

May 18, 19, 20

June 22, 23, 24

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200hr Yoga Alliance Approved Foundation Training with Yogiraj Katrina Repka, senior teachers Emily Reed, Clare Daniell, Angie Hsu, ISHTA teacher Gabriella Burnel and more

The 200-hr ISHTA Yoga Teacher Training is a unique yoga immersion designed to deepen your own practice and understanding of yoga, and you may enroll in the program without plans to teach. The entire course is taught under the guidance of Yogiraj Katrina Repka, and is limited to 15 people, giving each student a deeply individualised and personal experience. The next course will run from September 2018 – June 2019 and more details are forthcoming.